I was born in Castiglione del Lago, Umbria, where Taste and Slow Italy is now located. I grew up surrounded by water, fishing nets, seagulls and islands. Though I deeply loved Umbria, I was not interested in its tourism sector initially. My first love was actually singing, but being a practical girl, I completed a PC specialization after high school. Then, in 1991, I was immediately hired by an aristocratic, elderly woman who loved to travel and wanted to “dabble” in tourism.

I spent years travelling, learning the “biz” and studying her competitors’ best practices. Slowly, the agency took on a new identity and ultimately became known for its innovation. Patience and tenacity paid off.

In 2004, the original owner of Trasimeno Viaggi (my first employer) decided to make me an offer I could not refuse — and I acquired the business. Then in 2005, I met Samuele, my future husband from Perugia, an agricultural researcher and economist, who was impassioned by the idea of combining a love of Italy with the knowledge of local resources and territorial treasures. In 2007, the brand Taste and Slow Italy was born.

Stefania's Travel Expertise

My strong points are history, culture and local lifestyle. Our clients ask us above all to live or experience just like locals. In particular, this means exploring the culture, art, food and wine. I also specialize in hidden places and I make sure that I do not offer “overtourism” or just standard solutions. Even when travellers ask us to visit crowded destinations, I always come up with more inventive and unique travel ideas.

Expert Destinations

Expert Activities

Stefania's best travel experience

As a professional, I sometimes deal with very particular and unique requests. One time a group of bankers from Norway asked us to plan an academic seminar focused on Machiavelli, the famous renaissance politician and economist, so I organized it.

In another example, a historian researcher from Taiwan requested an authentic experience in Sardinia and a private concert of local traditional music. The result was a travel experience lived like locals among locals. Simply amazing…!

Why is Stefania the right travel expert

Aside from my many years of expertise in travel, I know that the right connections and territory knowledge are the basis for a perfect and inventive tour in Italy. Well, I was born here in the heart of Italy and I know every hidden place of this enchanting country! Above all, I understand the culture and can introduce you to the authentic Italian lifestyle and show you how to experience the country like a local. I also believe in personal experience and I am always happy to connect with clients via Skype and share my tips and advice that way if that is something you are interested in.