I’m a 39-year-old professional in communication, design and tourism. I began my working adventure at 20 years old as a web designer. The experience I gained in the communication sector and my great passion for human relations led me to diversify my professional activity.

My passion for travel has led me to discover the world of tourism, seen through the eyes of operators and travelers. This dual vision allows me to understand the needs of tourism operators in the planning phase and the needs of travelers. I started my career in the tourism sector as a tour leader. For several years, I accompanied and managed the logistics of travels abroad for Italian and French clients. Today, I work as a tour guide and mountain guide and I manage a local travel agency in Sicily.

Danilo's Travel Expertise

I specialize in adventure travel destinations, in North Africa and Canada.

After a few years of work abroad I decided to return to my land, Sicily. Here, I started a new adventure, building travel packages specialized in nature and adventure tourism.

Today I manage and coordinate the incoming agency Altai Italia. We organize and design customized trips throughout the Italian territory, with particular attention to nature destinations and adventure travel: trekking, skiing, swimming, kayaking, canyoning, etc.

Danilo's best travel experience

I have been traveling around the world for several years, for both work and pleasure, but above all out of curiosity. I have climbed mountains, gained rivers, crossed deserts, encountered breathtaking landscapes and met thousands of people of different cultures and ethnicities. But the experience that will remain forever etched in me is when I witnessed a sudden eruption of the Etna volcano.

It was night and we were three friends heading towards the top of the volcano, as we have done many times with the customers, or alone. Suddenly, we heard a loud roar coming from the craters and then see a red glow coming out of the top of the volcano. A small lava flow started to descend from the mountain. We were all silent — enjoying the natural night show. This was a unique and unforgettable experience and proof for me that you don't have to go far to find wonderful places.

Why is Danilo the right travel expert

I transformed my passion for travel and trekking into a profession. From a customer, I became a tour leader, from a tour leader I became a tour operator. I know every travel destination perfectly because before, I was a client and a traveler.

I can understand the needs of every traveler and knowing perfectly the destinations, the suppliers, the hotels, the paths... I can make the perfect trip for you!

I also like to say that with me, you can live Italy as a true Italian.